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Seller Surveys

Seller Surveys

Our Seller Surveys have been designed so that whether you are buying or selling, they will make sure that the transaction is completed easily and successfully.  Move with confidence with a Seller Survey.  This page explores why commissioning a seller survey prior to putting your house on the market could be a good idea for your property sale...


Seller Surveys


1. Stand Out In The Marketplace

A Seller Survey gives buyers security and peace of mind - knowing any defects before the purchase makes sure buyers won't come across unexpected repairs that could absorb both time and money, or lead to disappointment that the new home doesn't meet expectations.

As a seller, this transparent communication of information about your property will make sure your property stands out in the marketplace as a safe purchase and should improve interest from serious buyers.


2. Fully Assignable To The Buyer

The Seller Survey is fully assignable upon exchange of contracts to the buyer. As a seller this will make your property more attractive to buyers as it saves them money having to commission a survey themselves. Whilst as a buyer, you benefit from the surveyor being liable to the same extent had the survey been commissioned by you, protecting you from any defects found outside of the survey report.


3. Improves Negotiation Process

Full disclosure of condition will mean both the buyer and seller know exactly where they stand from the outset. The condition of the property can be factored into the asking price and any offer, as well as meaning that the relationship between the buyer and the seller is open and transparent from the outset.

Seller Surveys reduce the risk of renegotiations or fall throughs resulting from 'last minute' survey issues, improving the experience of moving home for both parties.


4. Independent Surveyors Who Provide Trusted Advice And Support

Seller Surveys are undertaken by independent chartered surveyors Spencer Bray Surveyors who write in plain, understandable English and are available to talk you through any issues found in the survey report.

The Seller Survey report is available to interest buyers prior to making an offer.


For more information and advice on Seller Surveys, contact your local office or visit