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26th October 2021

Behind The Scenes Of Burns & Webber’s First TV Advert

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Hot on the tails of the recent Burns & Webber Rebrand Launch, we are delighted to announce that we have a new television commercial in production, due to air on people’s screens in January 2022.

No other independent estate agent locally advertises on TV, so why take the leap? Since the company was established in 1986, we’ve always loved doing things a little bit differently – we strive to leave a memorable impression with our clients and for us, TV is just the start of that journey. Today Burns & Webber are part of Curchods, making us one of the largest independent estate agencies in the south of England – this link allows us a marketing punch far exceeding our competitor agencies locally.

Our forthcoming advert shows the creativity that goes into marketing our clients properties and is part of the reason why Burns & Webber won an award in the Best Marketing category for South East, UK at the International Property Awards.


Burns & Webber Sky TV Advert Launches In January 2022

The Filming Of Burns & Webber’s First TV Advert


While the final polish and sprinkling of magic is being added to the TV advert, we’re delighted to be able to take you behind the scenes of the production, to give you an insight to the day and what it takes to bring something like this to life.

After three months of planning, scripting, casting and pre-production, cast and crew were nervously watching the weather reports on the run up to filming in late October.

The plan was to mount a camera inside an electric van to film two cyclists talking to each other about their moving home experience as they cycled along. With so many moving parts it was going to be a challenge to relish for the production team!

An early and very chilly start saw everyone arrive at a specially selected and closed section of road through Richmond Park. Once makeup had been applied, lines rehearsed and health and safety briefing completed, we were ready for the cameras to roll.

As luck would have it, the weather brightened up as filming began and despite it being rutting season, the resident deer kept their distance as we took on the challenge of filming two cyclists under one of the busiest flight paths in the country.

A few tweaks to the script along the way and several takes later and the Burns & Webber marketing team were celebrating with cast and crew as we wrapped on the final take!

How Does A TV Advert Benefit Our Clients?

Television launches Burns & Webber directly into people’s homes and with the help of Sky Adsmart, we’re able to specifically target people who are looking to buy or rent properties throughout the areas where we have branches.

TV gives us the opportunity to attract and register more buyers and tenants, helping us to create competition for the properties we offer for sale and to let and ultimately achieve premium prices for our clients.

In terms of advertising, we also favour television as it gives us a medium to promote our company, properties and services in a very low carbon way. This is particularly important to us as we journey towards being Net Zero in 2022, helping us to reduce the amount of printed promotional material we produce and distribute.

We can’t give away too much at this stage, as the TV advert launches on people’s screens in January 2022, but we’re excited to see the explosion of activity it’s going to create on our website.

Ready To Move? So Are We.

If you’re interested in capitalising on the increased interest our new TV campaign will bring to the properties we offer for sale, now is the time to start thinking about taking action. Your home can be on the market in the New Year when the advert appears on SkyTV and Virgin Media channels.

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