Your guide to renting a property with Burns & Webber.

Although the process of renting a property may differ slightly from agent to agent, the costs involved largely remain the same. Below you can find an overview of the costs you need to be aware of before and during your tenancy, as well as a complete guide to the services we offer tenants to help them find their dream home.

Searching For A Property To Rent

Every year we arrange many tenancies that never appear online and are never advertised to the public.  To find out about everything we have to let and to find out about properties that are being discreetly marketed, you need to register with us, whereby we can start searching for a property on your behalf.

You can shortlist properties you are interested in renting by registering with the MyBurnsandWebber Portal.



During The Tenancy

Most of our landlords opt for a fully managed tenancy, which means we will be your single point of contact throughout the tenancy.  Our local, office-based property managers are always available to ensure your landlord is fulfiling their legal responsibilities as a landlord, so you can feel safe and confident in the property you have chosen to rent.

It also means that if you discover a fault or need any maintenance on the property you can contact one of our professional, ARLA qualified staff.  And for your peace of mind, we are members of the appropriate professional bodies and redress schemes.



Using The MyBurnsandWebber Portal

Once you are registered with us, you will start to receive properties matching your search criteria by email and telephone.  You can update how we communicate with you via the MyBurnsandWebber portal.

The portal also gives you 24-7 access to your property search, so if your requirements change you can easily update them at any time. While you’re searching for properties click the ❤ to shortlist a property and save it in your MyBurnsandWebber account.

Once you’ve had an offer accepted, the MyBurnsandWebber portal will be the place to look for copies of correspondence from us and updates about your tenancy, all of your contract documents and a financial overview of your account.


How much will renting a property cost?

Although the process of renting a property may differ slightly from agent to agent, the costs involved largely remain the same.  Here is an overview of the costs you need to be aware of:


The Start Of The Tenancy

Reservation Fee

One week’s rent – with your permission, upon completing referencing and passing all necessary checks will be offset from the first months rent.

First Month’s Rent

Payable in advance of the Tenancy start date.

Security Deposit

5 week’s rent or 6 week’s rent if the total annual rent exceeds £50,000 per annum. Payable in advance of the Tenancy start date.


During The Tenancy

Monthly rent payments for the property to be paid by direct debit or standing order.

  • Utilities Bills (Gas, Electricity, Water and Telephone). Please advise your Landlord/Agent of any changes that you have made to the supply of gas/ electricity at the property.
  • Council Tax.
  • Television Licence.
  • Subscriptions to cable/satellite TV supplier and/or internet provider.
  • Contents Insurance for your belongings.
  • Moving costs should be taken into account like removal van hire etc.


At The End Of The Tenancy

You will be required to leave the property in the same condition as when you moved in. If it was professionally cleaned, you will be required to have this carried out when you leave. These costs will vary depending on the size of the property. Please contact cleaning companies directly or your local Burns & Webber branch.

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